Yes, it's ME.

I am Valerio: iOS&OSX developer, web programmer, biker, glutton, bass player and even a handyman if needed.
Since 1985!

Hi! I am Valerio Criscimanna and I am an iOS & OSX developer and a web programmer. Given that I don't like to waste time in useless tl;dr  texts, here there are a bunch of keywords about me:
Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, Core Data, RESTful APIs, SQLite, Git, Django, HTML, CSS, Bash, PHP, JSON, MySQL, Javascript, Continuous Integration, Ajax, Wordpress, JQuery, Responsive Web Design, Python, Agile Development.
A couple of programs always installed on my mac:
Xcode, Coda, Atom, Pixelmator, Illustrator.
A personal project, a program useful for developers and designers:
I am sorry but I am not on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram. I don't even have a blog. In my spare time, instead of posting, liking, retweeting or sharing pictures of my lunch, I keep myself busy reading geek stuff, travelling, hugging friends, riding my motorcycle, playing with my dog, deepening my knowledge of programming languages, sleeping, watching movies, speculating about the origin of the universe and drinking beer.
Thank you for your kind understanding.

Once that you know me a little bit more, you can call, text or even email ME. I promise to answer you as soon as possible.
UK Mobile: 07562 599 233